Stacer 399 Seasprite for sale. The 399 Seasprite is ideal for people who are interested in exploring boating for the first time. A simple boat to own that is inexpensive to run and easy to maintain. Built with durable aluminium, this boat is tough enough to handle sandy and rocky shorelines. The 399 Seasprite makes it easy to Discover the Adventure from the water.

The Disco Marine Stacer Tinnie Runout Sale is only available while stock lasts.


Hull Construction Material
  • Aluminium
Country Origin
  • Australia
Length (m)
  • 4.02 m
Beam/Width (m)
  • 1.71 m
Hull Thickness - Bottom (mm)
  • 1.60 mm
Hull Thickness - Sides (mm)
  • 1.60 mm
Dry Weight (kgs)
  • 133 kgs
  • Unpainted
Maximum Horse Power
  • 25
Passenger capacity
  • 4