A new casting technique makes the Lightning E.T. propeller more durable than ever. The Lightning E.T., first introduced as an outboard drag racing propeller, is providing top performance in a variety of boat applications (bass, flats and modified vee bottoms. Besides delivering an incredible hole shot and awesome acceleration, the Lightning E.T. also produces natural bow lift, reducing drag and increasing the efficiency of the boat. This adds up to higher speeds and better fuel economy, requiring less engine trim. Both Chopper II and Lightning E.T. propellers are available in 14.5" (368.3 mm) diameter, with 24"- 32" (609.6 mm - 812.8 mm) pitch in right-hand and left-hand rotation. Models with 14.5" (368.3 mm) diameter, 22" (558.8 mm) pitch are available in right-hand rotation only.



Diameter 14 1/2"
Pitch 22"-32"
Rotation LH & RH
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  • Designed to run 70+ MPH with medium bow lift
  • For 150 - 300 HP outboards, Vee & air entrapment hulls