Built to withstand fishermen who just don’t know when to quit. MotorGuide’s Tour Pro takes everything we know about trolling motors and combines it to make the highest-performing motor on the market. Tour-tested and Tour-approved by the pros.

The Motorguide Tour Pro model offers industry-leading Pinpoint® GPS navigation for 3x more precise anchoring than our competitors, allowing you to stay locked tighter to spots, even in strong currents and wind. With features like Anchor, Jog, Heading Lock and Cruise Control, Pinpoint® GPS puts Tour Pro in a class of its own.

Every inch, decibel and ripple could be the difference between a trophy fish and an empty cast. The Tour Series’ true cable steering makes immediate, agile turns in virtual silence, helping you approach the fish of a lifetime without announcing yourself.

Long days of hard fishing can be tiring, but compared to competitors’ assist mounts, the Tour Series’ Zero-G lift-assist system requires 40% less stowing and deploying effort versus competitors’ assist mounts. Patented Bulldog latches bite down to lock in place but release easily on command.

The Tour Series motors are built to handle the toughest fishing conditions, making them the toughest trolling motors. From a no-flex metal foot pedal to an oversized outer column with unbreakable composite inner shaft and a 360 breakaway system, Tour Series holds up to its historic name.